About Us

Coinium is a registered business of Coinium Ltd. Coinium was started in early 2013 as a local bitcoin exchange provider in Israel that was called 'bitcoin-il' (can find the old website at: www.bitcoin-il.info).
We found bitcoin to be complex and difficult to understand with limited options available for trading bitcoin or simply just to purchasing.

With the continued growth and interest in bitcoin we created Coinium in order to provide to the world a quick, easy and competitively trading platform that allow you trade bitcoin in exactly right market price.

Coinium company is an active participant in the Israeli bitcoin community.
The company has invested considerable efforts in making the site highly secure, all the data is encrypted and backed up.

Coinium continues to develop new content, services and features for consumers and businesses and according to market demand.
Coinium's staff is dedicated to delivering the best service possible to our customers.

Our Team